miércoles, 6 de marzo de 2013

Nationalism, measles of Humanity

The President of the Generalitat and his ministerial teamwork ignore in democracy there are some aspects where a parlamentarian majority is not enough, either an absolute majority. Consequently there are freedom areas where political institutions must keep special protection and respect. In the same way, it reminds me a discussion that took place between the political parties during the Second Spanish Republic: the Court of Constitutional Guarantees.

On one hand, some members of the Congress were against the institution of that kind of Court, due to they believed the Constitution had to be defended by political controls and actions. On the other hand, from a broadminded position, other movement defended the requierement of the Court of Constitutional Guarantees wich would assure the rights and freedoms of minorities and the overall society at the same time, forbading their vulneration by a parlamentarian majority.

It´s too easy to extrapolate that historical situation to our current Spain, where a government majority is attemping to impose unilaterally the opinion of his electors above the rest of Catalonian society, and generally above Spanish society. That authoritarian nationalism, prelude of a pseudofascism ideology, is one of the elements that most damage and instability can provoke to our democracy.

For the nationalism only exists one vision of Catalonia, wich have to be impose above any other pluralist conception about society. For that reason they are inspired in an ideal and hermetic full-blooded breed, seemed at fascist mindset. Catalonian nationalism ignore the origins of many catalan people are from the south peninsular migratory movements, which contributed to the rising of catalan industry. Moreover, this nationalism with fascist characters use political action to asphyxiate their enemies and go after any oposition; that´s why nationalism is impeding children get into school in Spanish language and is subsidizing some groups in order to transmit an only one vision of Catalonia: the secessionist vision.

What will do the Catalan state with those people that want to be Spaniards? Will they be declared as State enemies and exiled? What will do against those people who want their children study in Spanish language? How will explain the Catalan government after independence Catalonia continue sunk in the deep economical crisis? Will it continue blaming on the evil Spanish state?

Many people reclaim Catalonia can choose freely, despite opinion of the rest of the country. We could estimate that view when defenders of national union were in equality conditions in the fight against separatists. That means estimate the right of autonomy and self determination when nationalists teach Spanish History without one-sided vision and away from doctrinaire education.

However I understand the difficulty that suppose teach a passionate history of Spain, with his failures and achievements, in Vasque, Canary and Catalan schools. I wonder what would happen if they explained always existed an unitary concern between the Hispanic kingdoms: the “Regnum Hispanae”; and I wonder what would happen if they explained the unification of Law brought the entry of Spain (and Catalonia too) in Modern age. Therefore it´s easy to imagine nationalist indignation when myths about Spanish burglary, the Succession War and the rest of historical deceits were dismantled.

Nationalist is trying to finish nerveless Spain off, and is setting to be owner of Catalonia using volatile feelings. Catalan people should understand the enemy is the division planned by politicians that don´t know how to hide their failures and corruptions, instead of Spain.

Finally, in a moment of institutional, political, economical and social crisis, the only way for the Spanish survivor is the creation of an ambicious national project wich renove the constitutional pact of 1978; a pact where everyone can contribute to the happiness of the country. For that reason its essential that institutions apply the Constitution with security and determination in the renovated project; and his conservation as supreme juridical rule.